The Complexity Science Hub Vienna (CSH) is a leading research centre that focuses on the study of complex systems. It specifically address global challanges such as climate change, financial innovation, and the misinformation spread. CSH combines the fields of mathematics, modelling, data science, and computer science in an interdisciplinary manner to enhance our comprehension of systemic risks and resilience. Among specializations of the Financial Innovation Team at CSH is analysis cryptoasset ecosystems. Their work centres around evaluating the influence of emerging financial technologies, comprehending their socio-economic consequences, and measuring the corresponding systemic risks. This research is crucial for understanding and managing the intricacies and possible hazards of the fast changing digital finance industry.

Iknaio, established in 2021 as a Complexity Science Hub Vienna spin-off, focuses on cryptoasset system analytics. Utilizing their GraphSense platform, they provide services for tracing and analyzing crypto-based transactions, mainly for law enforcement and the financial sector. Specializing in the analysis of decentralized financial systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Iknaio's platform streamlines investigative processes through automation.